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Hello & welcome! I am Laura Jones and Bloom was born from my lifelong love of photography. Life is full of "picture worthy" moments and I love to capture them, but it is also about the moments in-between. The little details that speak to me as life unfolds. I've been known to include a few "out takes" with funny faces or blurred scenes. Of course I love a great styled, posed and crisp portrait. I also enjoy raw emotion, caught in the moment, real memories. 

  A little more about me personally- I'm married to my wonderful, handsome & handy husband. We have a family of loving animals that bring us so much joy. I am in to up-cycling and giving unwanted items a new lease on life. I love flowers, vintage, barn sales, songs that tell a story, cheesy jokes and adventures with my husband. Photography has always been something I've enjoyed. Sharing that love with the world in the form of a small business has been such gift. Meeting new people, exploring new places and growing in my skills and my self.

Capture life in bloom.


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